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Artsisan wooden cupboard made from recycled whisky barrels

Rustic Simplicity

Embracing imperfection

All of our quirky products are hand made in Scotland from a tiny workshop in our garden. We love the slight imperfections and shade variations that characterize the oak. These just serve to enhance the beauty and should not be thought of as defects.

Rustic Ramblings

A glimpse behind the scenes at Rustic Simplicity


Our inspiration

We are inspired by the natural world around us – simplicity is the key

Artisan hand crafted versus mass produced

Just 100 years ago, everyone relied on themselves or their neighbours to come up with most of the things needed to live a comfortable life. Hand made was the norm. Sons learned valuable skills from their fathers or served apprenticeships to become highly skilled craftsmen. Today, for the most part this has been lost. Here at Rustic Simplicity we are rediscovering the pleasure of hand crafted artisan furniture.
It is always much better to give a home made gift. Not everyone has the time or resources to produce things themselves. Why not give your loved ones something simple and well made that you know will last.

Unique and interesting items that make great gifts. Each item is different – you won’t find another one exactly the same anywhere on the planet. We make everything ourselves, dreaming up the designs as we find inspiration in the natural world around us. We are constantly amazed by the beauty of the recycled oak we work with, running your hands over the curvey lines of the smooth sanded barrels is just irresistable!