Ancient oak trees – the stories they could tell

 Ancient oak trees

Not many ancient oak trees remain in Britain. It is said that they mainly disappeared around the time of Napolean – he chopped them all down to build his ships. The oak we use in our cupboards and stuff comes from America. It is known as American white oak, and that explains why it often has that bleached out look that reminds us of driftwood.

The oak trees in America survived, just imagine what they have seen, and the stories they could tell if by some miracle they could talk.

“Long, long ago in a distant land, someone planted a forest.

Generations came and went – they saw two world wars, the invention of flight, the abolition of slavery, time moved on.

Kings, Queens and Presidents ruled over lands.
The forest grew and men harvested the mighty oak trees that had been put there by their forefathers in the land they called America.

Your whisky barrel cupboard from Rustic Simplicity dates from such times.”

5 things you didn’t know about oak trees

  • Some of the ancient oaks in America are as wide as they are tall.
  • All oak trees belong to the beech tree family.
  • Average life expectancy for most oaks is between 200 and 400 years, and there are oak trees over 800 years old that are still alive.
  • They grow so slowly, it takes around 20 years for oaks to produce their first acorns.
  • They are very slow to rot, and that is why they are highly prized for whisky barrels!

The cupboards and other stuff you buy from us are made of this wonderful wood.  James has been working with it for many years and is still learning to understand all of its foibles. Recycling it and giving it a new lease of life is just a brilliant way to settle it into a worthy retirement!




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