From Highland crofts to Highland coos

One day someone asked me if I could make Highland Coos? I thought it was a strange question as I was a maker of Scottish crofts, but I came home and James and I put our heads together and came up with our first prototype. We quickly realised that these had real potential.

My head was in a spin as I started to dream up coos with dreadlocks, then coos with coloured dreads, then I got really excited when I started to think about BABY coos!

By the end of that first weekend we had created twelve Highland Coos. Six mums (or dads), each one with its own baby. We already knew that in the wild these creatures are incredibly maternal, sometimes hiding their babies away and returning to suckle them a couple of times a day – it would be unthinkable then for us to separate the mothers from their babies!

“Creativity is contagious – pass it on. Albert Einstein”


We decided that the only kind of Highland Coos we wanted to breed would be organic. They would be a pure breed ‘fold'(the name given to a ‘herd’ of Highland Coos). They would be made purely from reclaimed whisky barrel wood, with a bit of Scottish driftwood in the mix to keep the bloodlines fresh.

Gaining organic status for our Rustic Red Highland Coos

We quickly gained organic status and the Highland Coos went up for sale. By Monday we had emptied our first ‘fold’ and the race was on to breed some more. We had decided to name them ‘Rustic Reds’ – this reflects the fact that they originate with Rustic Simplicity and also that they are quite distinct from the other black Highland Coos which can still be found in some parts of Scotland.

Why not take one home with you today  – they are a little bit of Scotland, made from Scottish whisky barrels, and are the ideal gift or souvenir to remember your visit.


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