James – man at work

 Whisky barrel designs

How are the whisky barrel designs created? James might look as if he is relaxing in front of the box, but when you know him as well as I do, that doesn’t fool me for one minute! His mind is probably whirring away – dreaming up his next project. Now that I am getting better at using the tools, I can usually understand where he is coming from. It all starts with a simple drawing but before I know it something amazing is being carried out of the workshop and comes to live in the house for a bit. Although we are often surrounded by his lovely rustic creations, they don’t stay around for long and I find I am jealous of all of you who get to keep your stuff forever!

“One man can do what another man can do” – one of his favourite mantras.

This is James. A man content in his own world. Working between two garden sheds at his home just outside Dunfermline, he is transforming redundant whisky barrels into beautiful cabinets. The objects he creates are simple, sturdy and rustic. Simple doesn’t mean plain. The cabinets, which are oak and pack a punch in the weight department, have the wow factor, and whatever size, shape and dimensions you require, James is happy to give it a go.

Recycling rustic gems

Getting back to how he started the business, James, a self confessed skip raker, was on the lookout for some firewood and a few broken up pieces of whisky barrel came his way. Recognising good oak when he saw it, he thought he would try to make something out of the wood, rather than burn it. He made a cabinet. He liked it. Anita liked it, and the rest is history!


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