Little wooden houses

Little wooden houses

Little wooden houses have been on my mind for a while. I’ve always loved them is all their forms. Fairy houses, tiny houses painted onto scraps of wood, fishermen’s cottages, crofts – they have all fired up my imagination. One day I decided to create a ‘street’ for the children I looked after. I wanted to encourage imaginary play. The obvious choice was to use the discarded bits and pieces of whisky barrel wood that lay around on James workshop floor. I collected some driftwood for the roofs and set to work!

“She turned her ‘cants’ into ‘cans’ and her dreams into reality”

I found the whole process really addictive and very soon I was hooked. The curved end pieces which James had no use for became rows of cottages, all painted in seaside colours. The really small wedge bits were made into tiny churches with stained glass windows. I didn’t consider myself an artist so I went out and bought myself a few books on how to draw, and spent the next few weeks experimenting.

Would they sell?

My heart was trembling as I plucked up the courage to show my little wooden houses to a gallery where James already showed his work. The gallery owner was happy to take them.My biggest thrill came a few weeks later when I looked in the window and there was a row of my cottages – beside it was a little card attributing the work to me. My little wooden houses sell in shops and galleries up and down Scotland – just goes to show – dream big! Dreams may become reality if you want them hard enough.

For years I had been working incredibly hard as a chef and a nanny. Finally get to pick up driftwood and make art for a living!


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