How did Rustic Simplicity get its name?

Rustic Simplicity – this is one case where the name really does fit the product! According to the dictionary, some of the words ‘rustic’ means are

  • simple
  • unsophisticated
  • homely
  • rough and ready
  • homespun
  • peasant

Even before we were doing this for a living, our house has always been made up of bits and pieces we have recycled, reused or repurposed. We never buy anything new if we can help it, we’d much rather make something. This has been out of neccesity as much as anything else, but it also makes for a comfy, lived in feel, you can curl up and put your feet up on an old sofa in a way that you never could on a posh new one!

“There is beauty in simplicity”

The Rustic Simplicity plan

When we dreamed up this little enterprise, we wanted to create things that were well made, simple, and rustic. We wanted to show people stuff that was different to the furniture you can buy in the shops – we kind of wondered if maybe other people might like the same kind of stuff we do. It was a hunch and it paid off – we are so happy to hear from our satisfied customers who build their kitchens or other parts of their homes around our rustic designs.

Keep it simple. Keep it honest. Keep it you.

When we first started out we did a few craft shows. We met furniture makers who were making much more sophisticated stuff than us – at much higher prices! Other traders seem to be always up for a chat, so I wandered over to one of these guys admired his work and said how rough ours was in comparison. I’ll never forget what he said. He said our cupboards were ‘honest’. That kind of says it all really – Rustic Simplicity – rustic, simple furniture that will last a lifetime!


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