All kinds of boxes from recycled whisky barrel wood

Using recycled whisky barrel wood to make boxes can be a challenge


When James first started making boxes from recycled whisky barrel wood, he couldn’t understand what was happening. They seemed to have a life of their own! No sooner would he produce a lovely, perfectly square box with a beautifully fitting lid, than almost overnight, the box would take on a life of its own and curl up until the top looked like a banana! After much head scratching and trial and error, he realized what was happening. The recycled whisky barrel wood was drying out at different times – the outside of the box was drying out in the heat of the room – the inside took a bit longer. Meanwhile the wood was twisting into its own unique shape! Once he realized what was going on he quickly came up with a solution – to leave the box open while the wood dried out! This applies to all boxes made of recycled whisky barrel wood – small or large.

Our boxes can be small enough to contain a precious wedding ring, or so large you could climb right inside!

Recycling turns things into other things, which is like magic!


rustic chest made from recycled whisky barrel wood

This chest can be around a metre by 500cm.

These large chests are built from recycled whisky barrel wood. You might be surprised to read that, as they contain no curvy bits like the cupboards do. The barrel wood we use though has lots of tops and bottoms which in many ways are the most important bits. They are also the bits that have the mosy whisky soaked into them.When we cut these pieces, they sometimes spray us with the finest malt – the workshop has an amazing aroma, with all of these beautiful scents wafting around us! You can have these chests engraved, with the name of a garndchild for instance, and they will act as an heirloom, seeing them through childhood, school and even going with them to university. Later on they can be a toy box for their own children. They really are a worthwhile gift. Or why not treat yourself – they make great storage/seating in halls and conservatories or linen chests in bedrooms.

James has made memory boxes to celebrate the birth of a special grandchild. These can be incribed with the date and name of the child, and can hold all of those important things connected with the birth – the first scan, the tiny bracelet placed on the baby’s wrist at birth, and the baby book you are going to use to record all of those important milestones.

Boxes can be made to celebrate a wedding, also inscribed, or just to give as a special gift to a friend.



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