Stained glass cupboards

Stained glass cupboards

The beauty of stained glass appeals to most of us. The way the light shimmers through, creating magical patterns in the reflections all around evey time the sun comes out. Yet few of us have ever considered having a go at creating some of our own.

James was no different – admiring other people’s work, but never imagining he could ever make anything so beautiful. One day we were watching a TV show about making stained glass. His eureka moment came when he realised that tiles are basically made of glass and that as a tiler he had all the skills needed to cut stained glass. All that remained was a little imagination, and some initial perseverance.

Soon he was creating pieces like this – they fit beautifully into the reclaimed whisky barrel wood cupboards, and are especially loved by the galleries around Scotland’s rugged coastline.

You could design your own!

We continue to get requests from customers who ask us to make them a cupboard with a theme they love. James is a modest man and he always maintains that the design needs to be simple – but the finished results are always lovely. Sailing boats, lighthouses, sunsets and sun and moon windows have all been included in the cupboards – he doesn’t know it yet, but I’m dreaming up a Scottish croft scene. You know what they say about ‘The cobblers bairns’ though!

We don’t have the skills to make stained glass panels with thousands of intricate shapes, but we enjoy making simple designs that are eye-catching and colourful. So if you have any patterns or designs that you particularly love, it’s well worth getting in touch. If you can show us a drawing of your design and an idea of the colours you want, it’s highly possible that we could include it in a cupboard design for you. You would then have the only one like it on the entire surface of the planet!


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