Cow Making

Cow making has many stages!

First I find a piece of stave that I like – they are all different, and sometimes it depends on what James has been making. I draw out the heads and bodies and cut them out.

Next I sand everything down until it feels right – lovely and smooth to the touch.

The next stage in the cow making process is drilling. I have to drill holes for the horns, tail and neck.

The pieces are oiled and then the necks are attached to the heads.

I take each body and make a wee tail from yarn and attach it carefully with glue and a tiny piece of stick. The bodies are ready.

Now for the heads – I take each one and give it a face. This involves making a driftwood nose, fashioning horns from driftwood – the more bent, knarled and twisted the better! I paint their eyes and suddenly the whole cow making process changes – they now start to come to life!

The finishing touches are in many ways the most exciting. I make a little wig for each one, for the fusion cows I have a lot of fun mixing together all the beautiful yarns from India. Banana yarn sits alongside recycled sari silk. Finally each cow gets its own name. I look at them and choose names for them. Sometimes you choose your own name, then it is even more fun trying to imagine what that special name means to you.

Making cows (or coos to be more precise) is a lovely way to spend a sunny Scottish afternoon in my studio, I could sit there till the cows come home!

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