Your choices make a difference

Your choices really make a difference in more ways than you might think. When you are shopping for gifts to give at special times, just take a few minutes to really think about what you are doing.

The yarns we use in these fusion cows are ethically sourced. I was so excited to discover Julia, who travels to India to find the wonderful recycled sari silk and banana yarn. It doesn’t stop there though. The profits from her company Yarnyarn are used to help the women who make the yarn to make real changes in their lives. It also goes towards schools and education so the children can have a better future. So not only are the yarns incredibly beautiful, but by buying them we can make a difference to the working women of India and to their children. By buying thoughtfully chosen, hand made gifts you also support small producers. For an example, just consider all the stages involved in the chain that culminates in one of these coos.

  • Someone many hundreds of years ago had the forthought to plant an acorn that they knew would grow into a mighty oak tree long after they had finished their time on this earth.
  • Time passed and someone else harvested that tree, and a very skilled craftsman made some of it into casks for storing and maturing Bourbon.
  • The people of Scotland soon realized that those casks could be re-used in the whisky industry. The bourbon would help to make a difference to the flavour to the Scottish malt.
  • After its work was finished, the whisky barrel wood was retired, and could only be used for firewood, admittingly, this is a form of recycling, and the wood is not totally wasted.
  • Sometimes, the wood is collected by craftspeople, who then use their skills to change it again – this time into useful items and gifts.
  • Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, women are doing their own recycling. The end of life sari silk is collected and changed by these skillful women into useable yarn. They dye it, spin it by hand with drop spindles and wind it into lovely vibrant skeins to be used in many ways, in this case in the hairy dossans of our coos!
  • People like Julie are on hand to make it possible not only for us to have this yarn, but also for these women to be fairly paid for their labour, adding dignity to their own lives.

Next time you are thinking about buying a special present for someone, it might be worth considering how doing so could make a difference to someone else – it really does make gift giving a more worthwhile and rewarding experience.

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