Custom Coos

Custom coos by Rustic Simplicity ScotlandCustom coos are a great way of telling someone you really care!

We can make Highland Coos with the hairy dossan of your choice. Maybe you have a favourite football team, activity or other interest that can be reflected in the colours you choose for your very own custom coo.

We made the ones in the photo for a birthday present for a special lady who shared a love of football with her partner, even though they both supported different teams – I’m guessing there is some interesting banter going on in that house when the football season is in full swing!

We love hearing your ideas and will always try to create something special for you or as a gift for someone you love.

The Custom Coos will come in a box and we will try our best to match the packaging to the colours you have chosen.

You can choose your names, and we will make custom labels for you, and each set of coos comes with a certificate stating which herd they are from, making the gift even more special.

We are always interested to hear your ideas. Although these custom coos are traditionally sold in sets of 2, comprising a mum and baby, we are happy to come and go with you – maybe you have 3 special grandchildren, and would like one for each of them in their favourite colours? In this case we could include a certificate for each of them. By choosing these options you can give a really personal gift that will show how much you care.

You can shop here for coos, and contact us with your exact requirements. If you love Scotland as much as we do, and want to give a present that ticks all the boxes, you can’t do better –

  • Hand made in Scotland
  • Created from recycled Scottish whisky barrels
  • Choice of ethically sourced yarn



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