Hector the Highland Coo at Aberdour- a rags to riches story

Hector the Highland CooHector the Highland Coo joined us at the beach today – at the lovely Fife coastal village of Aberdour. Hitching a ride in my bag, he was able to have a really good look around.

Aberdour is one of our favourite places, we used to live here many years ago when I was just a wee lassie of 19 years, and James was 21. It was a kind of Downton Abbey arrangement, and no – we were not inhabitants of the big hoose, but very much ‘below stairs’ staff. We cleaned the hoose, washed up after the parties and looked after the chickens and ducks. Unbelievable as it seems in this day and age, this work was all unpaid, although we were provided with a cottage to live in. Not the cosy little cottage you might imagine though, and we remember being swaddled up in rugs and blankets in front of the fire while the carpet actually lifted up from the floor in the wind and  the mice ran up and down the curtains. This seemingly feudal system was still very much in force only 40 years ago!

Life is full of surprises and these days we mainly visit Aberdour to deliver our wee crofts and cupboards to Alan Dawson in the lovely Quay Gallery. Who would have thought that from such humble beginnings we would be able to feature our stuff in such an amazing space.

Today, strolling along the beach with Hector the Highland coo I was able to reflect on the twists and turns life takes. Whilst not exactly a rags to riches story, these days I do feel incredibly rich in that after many years of pleasing other people, finally I can please myself. My little studio is gradually filling up with a growing population of Highland coos, crofts and cottages, which turn up in shops and galleries up and down Scotland. The level of satisfaction that brings is priceless!


If you would like to buy any of our Scottish gifts, maybe a little Hector of your own, please feel free to visit our shop .



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