The Forth Bridges -a symbol of Scotland

The river Forth is a unique estuary – there is nothing to match it anywhere else on the planet. It is the only estuary on earth that has 3 bridges, each one built in a different century.

Why did we picture one of our cupboards against such an iconic backdrop?

This little cupboard shares some interesting features with the estuary it is pictured beside.

In 1890, when that beautiful bridge was built, the mighty oak trees for the whisky barrels that we used to make this would have been already growing. As yet unaware where they would end their life, they were ready to go into use as Bourbon barrels. In all likelihood those very barrels would have been freighted across the river via that bridge to the distilleries up north, for the next stage of their life, to add the wonderful flavour and colour to the finest Scottish malt whisky.

So like the beautiful bridge behind it, this little cupboard is both ancient and unique, with its heart in both centuries, a fitting symbol of Scotland,  created right here, from whisky barrel oak by a true Scot!



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