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Rustic Simplicity – who are we?

James and Anita Peggie – the people behind the name

Hi – we are a husband and wife team who actually enjoy working together! James is the one who makes the lovely cupboards and I use the offcuts to make all of the smaller stuff. Life is pretty good.

Most days we make the arduous journey from our little wooden cottage to the two sheds at the bottom of the garden where we both work. We light a smoky sawdust fire and the scent of woodsmoke and whisky fills the air. Bob Dylan crooons away in the background and we get on with what we enjoy doing most – changing old, unwanted whisky barrel wood into quirky pieces of furniture and unique Scottish souvenirs.

Sometimes it’s good to hear what others think…………

It’s always lovely to hear kind words from people, whether they are customers or those who have taken the time and trouble to find out what we do. Here are just a few thoughts put together by some of them.

The wonderful hand made cards at Rannoch Studio. make every occasion really special. As well as running two beautiful shops, somehow they still find time to champion other artists.  We were thrilled to read this little story. It is set between the incredibly diverse and vibrant culture of India and the breathtaking magic of Scotland……..

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imperfect oak barrel wood

We crafters love to support each other. Here is a lovely piece put together by Jewellery of Scotland. Not only can you buy exquisite Scottish jewellery from them, they also take an avid interest in the diverse craftsmen and women who work alongside them – their ‘Made in Scotland’ series makes really interesting reading.

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Some time ago we had a lovely visit from the people at The Scottish Farmer. As well as writing lots of articles about farming in Scotland, they love to share the work of Scottish artisans. The words of this article highlight the simplicity of what we do – when you read this you will feel as if you have visited too ……. come on – I’ll show you around!

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The raw materials

In the words of my dad it has potential!
In the words of my dad it has potential!
To you this might look like a pile of junk, but to us it is so much more. Hidden deep inside this heap of discarded scrap are quirky cupboards, highland coos, crofts and cottages and maybe even some wild Scottish haggis!

Getting back to hand made

Buying an unusual hand made gift says a lot more about you than you might think.

  • Your friends will know that you care. You’ve put a lot of thought into their present, it will mean so much more to them.
  • You can rest assured that your gift is unique – it has been hand made with love in Scotland.
  • You are helping the environment. Our stuff is made almost totally from recycled materials.
  • You are supporting local craftsmen. Moving away from mass produced is a sure way of knowing you are helping small businesses.

Life hasn’t always been this way.

Like most people we’ve done what we had to to get by.

  • James did 10 years in a sheet metal shop.  
  • We have spent 25 years cleaning peoples windows.  
  • We loved the 4 years we spent feeding Britain’s festivals with our baked potato oven and home made soup!
  • I have been a chef
  • James has been a tiler
  • I have been a nanny

One thing has been proved beyond doubt though – if you work hard and dream big you will always get where you really want to be!

Creating crafts from junk is really fun. Although it is true that after a while you can’t really ‘see’ your own work, there is shedloads of satisfaction in knowing you have taken something destined for landfill and made it into something someone can use. James and I work on totally different scales Just now there is a monster of a stained glass cupboard in our living room – it is really lovely – a commission piece. Sitting alongside of it are an array of tiny houses with windows nestling under thatched roofs – these look too small even for fairies to inhabit. Both kinds of work have their challenges, but they bring us such happiness. When you are absorbed in making something like this you travel to a different place – it’s hard to explain, but it’s as if you are fulfilling your full potential. Anyone who has ever made something to fill a need instead of buying it will know just what I mean. Maybe it’s just because we are getting back to how it used to be before this modern world of instant gratification Whatever it is, all I know is it’s the best job I’ve ever had!
  • Fly eagles with our daughter, Roxanne – http://www.elitefalconry.com/
  • Go camping in The Whisky Truck – James’ hand crafted campervan
  • Enjoy a smoky fire outside
  • Get excited about our next project!

Here’s The Good Stuff. Some of Our Best Work Is Featured Below.

A few examples of our cupboards and hand crafted gift items. All hand made in Scotland from recycled whisky barrel wood.