Fusion Coos – a new take on our Highland Coos – a fusion of Scotland and India!

Fusion coos – a blending together of cultures. Take some unwanted, end of life whisky barrel wood, throw in a handful of jewel-like yarn created by the amazingly talented ladies of India. Mix well, and there you have it – Highland Coos with a touch of silk!

I am always looking for interesting colours and textures to add to my collection of yarns. I was intrigued to find these beautiful ones made from banana fibre and saris. Read on to find out a bit more about Julie and her amazing idea.

The concept is simple. We live in a multi-cultural society. These fusion coos are a celebration of all that is good and wonderful about each country!

Beautiful vibrant pigments for dying yarn.

Discovering the magical colours of India!

At Rustic Simplicity we are really excited to take these vibrant lively colours and add them to the mix. The result? A brilliant and exciting way of combining unusual colours and textures in the hairy dossans of our Highland coos. Naturally curious, we’re sure the coos will be more than happy with their new, hip hairstyles!

How you can make a difference.

Indian women

Creating the fusion coos.

recycled sari silk

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What’s inside?

Inside the workshops of Rustic Simplicity

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