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Highland Coos made from recycled whisky barrel wood

Highland Coos

Highland Coos hand made from recycled whisky barrel wood and driftwood

These Highland Coos are hand made in Scotland in our workshop in Fife. They are created from recycled whisky barrel wood, with driftwood horns and noses, and a woolly dossan.  We rub linseed oil in to protect them.

Why do their heads come off?

Don’t be alarmed if, when they arrive, you notice that their heads come off! We have designed them this way. They have movable heads so that they can look around – they are curious creatures and will be very interested in their new surroundings. At first the babies will stay close to their mum or dad, maybe looking up at them for reassurance. They will soon settle in though, and you might come in and find they have found something new to look at – this is especially delightful for children who will be the first to notice that the coos have ‘moo ved’!


Each coo comes with its own certificate of pedigree, and a label with its name on. We can name them for you, or you can choose your own names which we will inscribe for you. Once you acquire your first two, you might be tempted, like us, to go into breeding these lovely creatures on a larger scale!

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Beachcombing is a magical way to spend a few hours – you never know what you are going to find.

Driftwood – gnarled, bleached, weathered and twisted. A piece of an old ship that lies on the shore.

Foraging for driftwood is one of the most magical parts of our work here at Rustic Simplicity. Ancient pieces of sunbleached flotsom are washed up on the shoreline – just begging to be picked up. The pieces that make it to our gathering baskets will live on – becoming part of a highland coo perhaps, or a croft or fisherman’s cottage.

Working with driftwood is amazing.  The soft, silvery wood is a pleasure to cut and mold into the pieces we need, and as we are creating we imagine the life it lived before, as well as wondering  where it will end up next.

Our customers come from all over the world, so who knows – the driftwood on their wee croft might have actually washed up on our shores from their own country!

Monday I found a boot –
Rust and salt leather.
I gave it back to the sea, to dance in.

Tuesday a spar of timber worth thirty bob.
Next winter
It will be a chair, a coffin, a bed.

Wednesday a half can of Swedish spirits.
I tilted my head.
The shore was cold with mermaids and angels.

Thursday I got nothing, seaweed,
A whale bone,
Wet feet and a bad cough.

Friday I held a seaman’s skull,
Sand spilling from it
The way time is told on kirkyard stones.

Saturday a barrel of sodden oranges.
A Spanish ship
Was wrecked last month at the Kame.

Sunday, for fear of the elders,
I smoke on the stone.
What’s heaven? A sea chest with a thousand gold coins.

George Mackay Brown

“The ocean takes care of each wave until it gets to the shore “
“One cannot collect all the beautiful seashells on the beach,
one can collect only a few, and they are more beautiful for being few.”
Anne Marrow Lindbergh