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Scottish crofts made from reclaimed whisky barrel wood

Highland Crofts

Wood from casks of finest malt, together with driftwood scavenged from Scottish beaches make up these impressions of Scottish crofts

The crofts and cottages we make are inspired by the tiny crofts dotted about on highland hillsides, and the little cottages that can be seen in many of Scotland’s fishing villages. Many of these remain to this day, although they are more likely to be used as holiday accomadation. These houses can be displayed just as they are on your bookshelf or you can hang them on the wall. Abandaned crofts can still be found on some of the islands – there they stand – quietly disintegrating, a ghostly reminder of how life used to be before the clearances.

Some great gift ideas from Rustic Simplicity. Because this stuff is made from recycled Scottish whisky barrels, it ticks all the boxes – a little piece of Scotland that you can either post, or fit in your suitcase.

Every highland croft is unique. Made from recycled whisky barrel wood and driftwood, they make a great Scottish gift.

Scottish croft made from recycled whisky barrel wood
Scottish haggis made from recycled whisky barrel wood

Some of our wildlife is quite elusive. We have captured the essence of our shy Scottish haggis in this piece. They are all very different, so quite hard to identify in the wild.

Our Highland coos are very fierce looking – not too different from a hairy mammoth. In reality they are very gentle creatures who enjoy the attention of visitors.

Highland coos made from recycled whisky barrel wood
Fairy castles made from recycled whisky barrel wood

Our fairy castles are designed for outdoor use You can hang them in trees or start your own little fairy village. Made from recycled Scottish oak barrels.

Rustic Ramblings

Behind the scenes at Rustic Simplicity

Your questions answered

Some of our customers most common questions

Yes. Just remember we are slightly restricted by the height of the whisky barrel staves.
Yes. Please remember that all of our stuff is made from recycled whisky barrel wood. Sometimes it might be better to have two smaller pieces instead of one larger one. The height can only be about 75 cm.
  • Untreated- the oak will age beautifully.
  • Linseed oil – this will darken the piece – it is irreversable.
  • Wax – a clear wax will give the piece a smooth look and feel and seal the wood.
  • Clear varnish. Only if you are going to place drinks or flower vases on the piece.
Only if you want to change the appearance? The wood is well soaked in alcohol and needs no othe preservative..
These cupboards are extremely heavy. If your walls are not brilliant, please use rawl plugs and make sure you get a good fixing. Screw into a main joist if you can. It is best practise to fix a baton to the wall as a load bearing piece. You can the use decorative brackets to fix the cupboards to this – there is a lovely example of this at the top of this page!
Yes. We can carve a simple inscription on the back. For a wedding we suggest something like initials and a date. Keep it simple – there is not a lot of room!
Usually two or three weeks. This varies and can be quicker if it is not a busy time of year for us.
No, not usually. Only if it is a highly personalized item.
Our larger items are made to order to your specifications. As we need to enter into discussion with you to give you exactly what you need, you can’t just click through payment in our shop. We would require BACS or cash on collection.
We mean exactly that! You order the item. We make it. We show you a photo of the finished product. Only if you like what you see do you commit to buy. At this stage we can add all of the personal stuff – your finish, your choice of handle etc and take a payment from you.
All of our cupboards are made to order and each one is unique. The oak has its own characteristics so the grain and markings will vary. Your cupboard will not be an exact match, but will be made to the specifications you have requested.
We collect our reclaimed barrel wood from the cooperages and they are already broken up. So unfortunately no, we can’t say exactly which whisky was contained within it – maybe if you are a whisky expert, you can tell us!
If symmetry is important to you, please rethink your purchase. As each piece of wood within each cupboard is totally unique, we cannot guarantee that the cupboards will be an exact match. The beauty of these cupboards is in their imperfections.
The tops and bottoms of the barrel wood are particularly soaked in malt whisky when we get them. Our workshop actually smells wonderful! So yes, when you first get them, the products often still have a strong aroma of the finest malt. This evaporates over time though, and even though our house contains many rustic items, it is only the workshop that retains the malt whisky aroma!
Yes – all trade enquiries are welcome.
If you need your cupboard for a deadline, please give us a few weeks notice. Also at busy times like Christmas we would appreciate a little advance warning.
Yes, usually without surcharge, but sometimes there are exceptions to this. Please ask.
“Well finally installed our beautiful bespoke cupboards from Rustics simplicity. Truly unique and individual finished touch to our new kitchen. Thanks again Adam & Lyn. “
Adam James
“Thank you so much Rustic-simplicity for our lovely shelves and coat rack! We finally got round to putting them up and they look brilliant, really really pleased ☺️ Such excellent, friendly service too. Thank you. .”
Sophie Pratt