Scottish Farmer Article


We approach two garden sheds with the doors wide open, and from inside there emanates a racket that gives the impression of some fairly robust sawing and hammering. Along with the haze of sawdust that

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Custom Coos


Custom coos are a great way of telling someone you really care! We can make Highland Coos with the hairy dossan of your choice. Maybe you have a favourite football team, activity or other interest

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Stained glass cupboards


Stained glass cupboards The beauty of stained glass appeals to most of us. The way the light shimmers through, creating magical patterns in the reflections all around evey time the sun comes out. Yet few

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Little wooden houses


Little wooden houses Little wooden houses have been on my mind for a while. I've always loved them is all their forms. Fairy houses, tiny houses painted onto scraps of wood, fishermen's cottages, crofts -

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