Ever wished you could really ‘see’ an item properly before you buy? Let’s make it happen! Click on the image and watch it rotate – you can now see our cupboard from every possible angle. This helps you to really get a feel for the way the whisky barrel wood comes together to make your totally unique product. Everything we make is created individually. Once James has a design in mind, he approaches what looks to you and I like a totally random pile of discarded whisky barrel wood, searching through it for the exact piece that will lend itself to what he is planning to make. What happens next is actually a bit special – the cupboard emerges like magic from this pile of scrap.
We only wish we could share with you the wonderful aroma that accompanies the process!

Stained glass whisky barrel cupboard

Whisky barrel cupboards. Recycling rustic gems

A smouldering sawdust fire fills the air with the scent of woodsmoke. Through the haze you can see a couple of garden sheds. The sound of hammering and some robust sawing emanates from inside. It is clear that some serious woodworking is going on. This is the home of James and Anita Peggie, where from their respective garden sheds they create bespoke cupboards, crofts, cottages and even Highland Coos, from end of life whisky barrels.

James is the whisky cupboard builder. Over the years he has developed his designs, combining his ideas along with his customer’s – always happy to have a go when they make a suggestion.

His designs are simple, with clean lines. He likes to let the beautiful oak speak for itself, and retains the original features of the wood wherever he can.

Our first whisky cupboard – a happy accident.

Discovering the magic beneath the dirt

One day James picked up some firewood – end of life whisky barrels. It was said that they would be brilliant free fuel for our woodburnind stove. We began to burn some bits and sure enough, it burned really well. We were happy. Then he took a closer look. Because he knew it would be oak, he sanded a piece down, wondering how it would clean up. His excitement mounted as beneath the rugged, dirty surface, he found beautiful curvy, tactile oak. He disappeared into his workshop and it wasn’t long before he had made his first, hobbity whisky barrel cupboard! The rest is history – and I still have that first cupboard. It stands in my kitchen – a nostalgic reminder of how much things have changed since those early days. James still works like this. If a new idea begins to ferment in his mind, he sometimes goes into his workshop, emerging a few hours later with a totally new design. I’m always amazed and surprised by what comes out of there!

What’s inside?

Inside the workshops of Rustic Simplicity

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